"Green" Principles and Practices *
  • Cleaning and Degreasing - Use low-hazard, low-pollution solvents or water-based cleaning.
  • Waste Fluids - Recycle and reuse fluids whenever possible.
  • Housekeeping - Practice spill prevention, seal shop floors, recycle oil.
  • Energy Conservation - Save energy with efficient lighting, "green" office equipment, energy-efficient air conditioning.
  • Water Conservation - Properly maintain plumbing, install low-water use fixtures, use desert landscaping and dry-floor clean-up procedures.
  • Waste Reduction - Reduce paper use, recycle as many other materials as possible, buy and use recycled products when practical.
* There isn't a "green" auto shop program in Colorado, but Arizona's voluntary program sets a pretty good example, in our opinion, so we use their guidelines as our own.
Check out Arizona's Green Autoshop Program.
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